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Who is FPT?

Originally established as Fuzzy’s Power Gym, FPG was co-founded by Firas and Samara (aka Fuzzy and Mrs Fuzzy) in 2013.

From 2013 to 2022 FPG was the OG strength and powerlifting gym in South Australia.

We opened to fill a large gap in the Adelaide fitness industry. We were a no mirrors, no bullshit old school strength gym. While some gyms in Adelaide had a small section in the back, we were the first truly dedicated facility for strength athletes and their sports. World record powerlifters, elite strongmen and Commonwealth Games weightlifters called FPG home at some point throughout our 8.5 year reign.

In early 2014 we ran our first novice powerlifting competition and soon after our first sanctioned GPC competition. When we began, powerlifting had all but disappeared in South Australia. Fast forward to the current day, and there are multiple federations, gyms and teams operating over the entire state. The vast majority of these can trace their genealogy to Fuzzy’s, and the few that don’t benefit from the pathway we carved.

In 2019 we organised and ran the first ever national powerlifting event in South Australia- the GPC Nationals. The 2019 nationals were held at the Stamford Glenelg, taking powerlifting events from the typical pubs, basements and RSLs into a stunning prestige venue in Adelaide’s premium beach side suburb, for 3 days of elite level lifting.

We have set the platform for powerlifting to flourish and powerlifting businesses to thrive in South Australia.

As of May 2022, we closed our physical location in Camden Park and transitioned to a predominantly online coaching service. After 8.5 years of fun, we have begun a new chapter of our lives which include new passions and priorities. We no longer have the time to commit to a physical location and would rather focus our energy on our elite coaching service and energetic competitions. Coach Fuzzy is now also a registered physiotherapist and offers physiotherapy and in-person coaching in a convenient CBD location.

The heart of FPG lives on through our online coaching service, and our well-run novice and GPC Australia powerlifting competitions, which are currently being run in collaboration with Southern Strength and Conditioning in Seaford.

Once again we have taken this sport to new levels within SA, hosting South Australia’s first powerlifting nationals right here in little old Adelaide in 2019, and now by teaming up with our friends at SSC, we have the best equipped powerlifting competitions in South Australia.

We are unmatched, unbeaten, and imitated often.

We are powerlifting in South Australia.


“I spent just under 6 years being coached by Fuzzy, from 2016 to 2022. In that time, he took me from being your average gym bro who enjoyed a few squats and deadlifts, to one of the top 82.5kg powerlifters in the country.

“He took the time and care to work out the best training methodology for both my recovery and optimal strength progression, and every programming decision, be it exercise selection, specific cues, or simply sets and reps, was carefully thought out. Whenever I was unsure as to why I had been given a certain exercise or prescription, he always had a clear explanation that made perfect sense. As a result, I trusted every decision he made with me, and the results speak for themselves.

“As I progressed, his approach to my training adapted, allowing continual progression throughout the years. Working with Fuzzy for so many years consistently, has made me the powerlifter I am today, and I will always be grateful for the time I spent under his watchful eye.”

– Ben Smith

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