Expert Advice.

Qualifications backed by experience. Speak to us today about our consultation service for athletes, teams, coaches, and staff.

Individual Consultation – $110 per session

Meet with Fuzzy one-on-one to design your ideal program. Learn the why behind your program and exercise selection, including progressions and regressions, to equip you to take control of your own training.


Individual Coaching Consultation – $275 per hour

Consultation for amateur and professional coaches including AFL, soccer, netball and track and field. Take advantage of over 15 years of strength and conditioning coaching to get your coaching to that next level.


Team Coaching Consultation – $1,100 per hour

Fully catered program for the entire team. This level includes program design, injury rehab for multiple injury types, specific training for you and your staff and screening for injury prevention for athletes.


“I first met Fuzzy in August 2018. I’d been back in the gym training for about a year after a 15 year hiatus and had come across powerlifting online. It looked awesome, but I was an overweight 35 year old woman with terrible mobility and balance, carrying a lot of old injuries, and I anxiously walked in half expecting to be politely dismissed by a stony faced stranger for wasting everyone’s time.

“But instead, I met this openly friendly, vivacious coach who saw something in me that I didn’t and determinedly set about getting me to see it too; fast forward 4 years and he’s still furiously encouraging me. Over that time we’ve developed a deep understanding and trust; he knows how my body and mind work, and knows how to get the best out of both. His programs are on point and never dull; no two meet preps or off seasons are ever the same and they’re tailored to each athlete depending on their needs.

“Over the years, we’ve both grown and changed a lot and one of things I love about Fuz is that he never stops learning and pushing the boundaries. It’s a huge privilege to be a part of that process, and to be a part of his team of athletes, and I plan to remain so for many years to come.”

– Bec Middleton