Memberships at FPG

with us.

24/7 Access For Members

At Fuzzy’s Power Gym, there are NO joining fees.

For each of the membership options below, please contact us for more information, take a gym tour and get your program under way.

Full Memberships
$40 Per Week

Full Membership includes:

  • 24/7 access to gym
  • Weekly updated program
  • Feedback and in house support
  • Expert coaching when you need it most

Discount rates ($32.50pw) apply to Military, both current service or veterans (thank you for your service!), EMS; police, ambulance, fire service or other emergency response service, High school and university students not working full time and anyone extraordinary or going above and beyond to help others. Contact us to ask.

Gym Access
$20 Per Week

Gym Access Membership includes:

  • 24/7 access to gym

Online Coaching
$20 Per Week

Online Coaching Membership includes:

  • Weekly updated program delivered via Cloud
  • In depth video analysis and critique
  • $5.00 casual visits to FPG facility

Casual Visits
$10 per visit

During gym opening hours, or contact us to arrange times outside of general opening hours.

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