Meet the FPG Team

Head Coach

Firas El Achkar

Firas el Achkar, aka “Fuzzy”, is the co-founder and owner of FPG with his wife Samara.

Firas got his start in Olympic weightlifting in 2007 before transitioning to powerlifting in 2011. Fuzzy has enormous amounts of experience, having coached over 250 individuals in his decade long experience inside the Australian strength sport circuit. His broad coaching clientele has included everyday mums and dads, students both high-school and university level, elite powerlifters and world record holders, Australia’s #1 badminton player among other athletes and 64 year old ladies looking to increase bone density.

Fuzzy has won multiple national and Proraw titles himself and has the lifts to back up his experience.

In 2016 Fuzzy was accepted into the competitive University of South Australia physiotherapy program, and is looking forward to bringing his hard earned experience in line with professional and theoretical standards to offer the ultimate in customised coaching and service.

Assistant Coach

Dylan Northcott

Assistant coach Dylan Northcott is an experienced powerlifter and long time member of the FPG team.

He is a qualified exercise scientist, having completed his bachelors in Exercise Science at the University of South Australia in 2017.

His hard work and diligence has also earned him a spot in the highly competitive and selective UniSA postgraduate physiotherapy program.

He is also a dedicated competitive athlete and has made tremendous improvement in his own training and his own skill set under the guidance of head coach, Fuzzy.

Dylan is more than just a personal trainer who uses the FPG facility. FPG have invested considerable time in training him, enhancing his coaching abilities and honing his skills.

Together, Fuzzy and Dylan are a cohesive team and will collaborate together to ensure the best outcome for their clients.

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