Unique Physiotherapy.

After a decade of working with athletes of all stripes, Fuzzy and his team of experienced clinicians bring unique insight and skill sets to the NDIS, Return to Work, and other rehabilitative areas of physiotherapy alongside general musculoskeletal services.

Fuzzy has developed a passion for working in the rehabilitation space and uses his physical capacity and experience to help clients achieve goals that were deemed impossible.

Having both the strength and biomechanical understanding to undertake heavy assisted transfers and ambulating, Fuzzy enables clients to spend more time engaging in intense rehab instead of wasting time on lengthy machine-assisted transfers.

Fuzzy offers services across the entire Adelaide Metro and Barossa Valley region and is equipped with a fully mobile studio to allow for effective rehabilitation in the home, along with clinic space in Keswick.

With extensive experience in NDIS, Return to Work, Life Service Authority and Home Care Packages, Fuzzy is able to not only help with physiotherapy-specific services, but also assist in navigating these complex and sometimes overwhelming schemes.

Referral forms for all types of consults can be found here.

General Physiotherapy Services

  • General musculoskeletal physiotherapy
  • Sports physiotherapy including post-surgical management
  • Injury management
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Dry needling
  • Body tempering
  • Foot health consultations

Specialised Physiotherapy Services

  • Complex manual handling plans (including bariatric clients)
  • Urgent manual handling plans (5 day turnaround)
  • Simple and complex NDIS, Return to Work and medico-legal report writing
  • Extreme heavy assist transfers and assisted walking
  • Clients with complex behavioural challenges including aggression
  • Hydrotherapy including heavy assisted transfers where equipment is limited