GPC SA State Titles 2018 Results

GPC SA State Titles 2018, held on the 15th of April at FPG.

gpc states PNG

Placings – Female


  1. Yasmin Moyses


  1. Jacinta Quarisa
  2. Bev Morgan
  3. Erica Haskard


  1. Alicia Ballantyne
  2. Kaitlyn Douglas
  3. Emma Gearen


  1. Crystal Trace
  2. Brooke Kowalczyk


  1. Danielle Cox


  1. Natalie Stone
  2. Kaylee Olsen
  3. Siarrah Olsen


  1. Carli Noble

Placings – Male


  1. Vincent Wallace


  1. Sam Verco
  2. Daniel Bell
  3. Jay Watkins


  1. Rob Lineker
  2. Tayler Smith
  3. Ben Hussell


  1. Slade O’callaghan
  2. Sean Rothery


  1. Ben Barnett


  1. David Chance


  1. Todd Preston


Please click the link below for a breakdown of the amazing interstate contingency we had compete at FPG. It’s incredible that people are making the trip for our events.


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