Competitor Waiver

  1. I, in  consideration  of, and as a  condition of acceptance  of my entry in this event,   hereby waive all and any claim,  right or cause of action which I or  my heirs might otherwise have arising out  of loss of my life, or injury, damage or loss  of any description whatsoever which I may suffer  or sustain in the course of or consequent upon my  participation in the said event, including expenses of  subsequent medical treatment or hospitalisation.
  2. This  waiver,  release and  discharge shall  be and operate separately  in favour of all persons, companies  and bodies involved in promotion or conduct  of the event, and the servants, agents, representatives,  and officers of any of them, and of any first aid or paramedical  personnel summoned in the event of injury to me.
  3. I confirm that none of the following apply to me:
    1. I  have  been diagnosed  as having a heart  problem
    2. I  have  been diagnosed  as having a lung  problem
    3. I  frequently  suffer pains  in the chest
    4. I  frequently  feel dizzy or  faint
    5. I  have  a bone  or joint  condition which  may be aggravated  by exercise
    6. I  have  a medical  condition for  which my entry  in this event presents  a risk to my health and  others
  4. If any such conditions do apply to me, I confirm that I have notified the Fuzzy’s Power Gym team in writing of my condition and am willing to seek a medical certificate from a doctor stating that I am able to participate.
  5. I  voluntarily  and knowingly  accept the risk  of injury by my participation  in this event
  6. I hereby release all photographic and video posted on social media to be used by Fuzzy’s Power Gym
  7. I acknowledge that no refunds are accepted for the entry fee
  8. I confirm that I am at least 18 years of age or have sought permission from my parent or legal guardian to participate in this event.